CKM Events

It's been a while since our last posting because there have been many things going on behind the scenes.

Our leadership workshops over the past 6 years were met with enthusiastic participants. Like everything else in life and as directed by God, we have ceased offering these free workshops to the general public. Future workshops will be by demand and request. The word states to cast your bread upon the waters (Ecc 11), and we are heeding the call...

The reasons are varied but the workshops will continue. Specific workshops will be posted in these forums only and registration information will be provided accordingly. Due to scheduling demands and location concerns, we will be moving the workshops to another location which will be determined by the grace of God. Your prayerful support throughout the years has and continues to be appreciated as we strive towards a higher calling to expand the ministry beyond our current borders.


Curtis L. Brewington, Sr.
Pastor and Director,
Crystal Key Ministries, Inc.