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12 Words to Add to Your Resume if You Want to Get the Job

The goal of your resumé isn’t to politely ask for a job—it’s to make hiring managers pray that you walk through their door. In order to make that happen, Monster.com career expert Vicki Salemi shares that buzzwords can energize your resumé and get you that first meeting. “You can stand out with hiring managers by speaking the company’s language,” Salemi says. “Review the company’s job…

How To Get Leadership Right, According To The CEO Of The Bill And M…

The name Susan Desmond-Hellmann may not have the same household recognition as those of her bosses, Bill and Melinda Gates, but that could change. Correction: That should change.

As the CEO of the couple’s eponymous foundation, Desmond-Hellmann runs the show that keeps their billions of charitable dollars—and that of other billionaires, including Warren Buffett, a foundation trustee—working toward the loftiest possible goal: reducing disease and inequality around the world.

The Brief But Satisfying Pleasure Of Not Taking Feedback Well At All

There is, without question, a right way to accept negative feedback at work. It involves self-awareness, emotional control, and the maturity to step back from the situation and separate the substance of the critique from the emotions it stirs.

But all those things are so hard, and so boring!

Yes, critical feedback is a vital leadership skill necessary for growth. Yes, spitting back your most…

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