6 Approaches To Leadership Which Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential


6 Approaches To Leadership Which Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential

Here is a little history lesson which gives us lessons for today:

On July 10, 2010, the Seattle Mariners traded pitcher Cliff Lee to the Texas Rangers.  At the time, Lee was considered the best pitcher in baseball.  As I was listened to ESPN Radio’s analysis of the trade at the time, it was noted Lee’s approach was what put him at the top of his profession.

Upon hearing that statement, I began researching the distinctive aspects of Lee’s approach and the potential lessons leaders could glean from it.  Could there be opportunities for us to refine our own approach?

With help from a number of sources including Mike McCall of MLB.com, the following are some of the practices that made up Lee’s successful approach:

  1. Options – Successful leaders want as many options as possible.  Lee had command over five pitches while most major leaguers had control of only two or three.  Great leaders diversify their skills and get as many options as possible.
  2. Focus – Successful leaders eliminate distractions.  Lee developed this broad-based package of pitches because “he put his mind to it”.  Leaders, what are you putting your mind to?
  3. Confidence – In addition to his options and focus, Lee trusted his preparation and ability to throw any of the five pitches. Leaders, do you find confidence in your preparation?  I hope so, you will either prepare or repair.
  4. Others – Lee had become a great tutor for Seattle pitchers Jason Vargis and Doug Fisher.  They hated to see him go. A quality approach to life is one that is generous and benefits others.  Leaders, who are you investing in?
  5. Perspective – Leaders, are you a big picture thinker?  After being with four teams in a two-year period, Lee understood that baseball was a business first.  As a result, he remained flexible and kept the bigger picture in mind.
  6. Evaluated Experience – It’s been said experience is life’s greatest teacher.  That statement is false.  Properly evaluated experience is life’s best teacher.  Lee was 4-0 with a 1.56 E.R.A. in the 2009 post-season.  That experience and his learnings from it gave him a sense of calm as he approaches games moving forward.

Options, Relationships, Confidence, Externally-Focused, a Proper Perspective, and Evaluated Experience.  Leaders, how are you doing in these six areas?