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Site Re-Design For 2020

Due to the changing needs of our development and ministry platform, we will be closing down and re-launching the site using a new platform in 2020. Our theme for this new year will be "20/20 Vision".

Original, eh? :)

8 Things Leaders Do That Make Employees Quit

via: HBR.org

Algorithms are becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace. From sifting through resumes to deciding who gets a raise, many of these new systems are proving to be highly valuable. But perhaps their most impressive, and relevant, capability is predicting which employees will quit. IBM is in the process of patenting an algorithm that can supposedly predict flight risk with 95% accuracy

The "Grit Scale" of Mental Toughness

The "Grit Scale" of Mental Toughness

Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day. A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists

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