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COVID 19 Issues & Leadership

First of all, a praise report! Our family and staff are relatively unscathed by the recent epidemic. Thoughts and prayers always to those who are directly affected by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Like many of you, you are probably at home reading this. We should take the time to pause and reflect how good God has been to each of us. Let's take time to cherish family and friends. Let us take even more time to love one another despite our differences. Make no mistake about it though, that this is far from…

Site Re-Design For 2020

Due to the changing needs of our development and ministry platform, we will be closing down and re-launching the site using a new platform in 2020. Our theme for this new year will be "20/20 Vision".

Original, eh? :)

8 Things Leaders Do That Make Employees Quit

via: HBR.org

Algorithms are becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace. From sifting through resumes to deciding who gets a raise, many of these new systems are proving to be highly valuable. But perhaps their most impressive, and relevant, capability is predicting which employees will quit. IBM is in the process of patenting an algorithm that can supposedly predict flight risk with 95% accuracy

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