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Historical Thinking for Resilient Leaders

Historical Thinking for Resilient Leaders

By Jeremi Suri (govexec.com)

December 10, 2020

The future is unknowable, which is why we study the past. The long record of humanity is the best laboratory we have for understanding how people are likely to act in a range of different, often unanticipated circumstances. Patterns of behavior, not genetics, define markets, organizations, and ultimately societies.…

Types Of Interview Questions CEO's Ask

CEOs are notoriously eccentric, but they got where they are by picking the brightest people to join them. When it comes to either job interviews, why not base your preparation on some of their favorite questions?
Here are some questions CEOs really ask—and how to answer them. (Oh and hey, if you're the one doing the interviewing of a potential employee—you might just find some great questions in

COVID 19 Issues & Leadership

First of all, a praise report! Our family and staff are relatively unscathed by the recent epidemic. Thoughts and prayers always to those who are directly affected by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Like many of you, you are probably at home reading this. We should take the time to pause and reflect how good God has been to each of us. Let's take time to cherish family and friends. Let us take even more time to love one another despite our differences. Make no mistake about it though, that this is far from…

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